The year is 2020. A year that, until recently, felt like the most futuristic thing one could imagine.

Looking around at the current startup environment, much of it feels colourless and short-termist. It is perfectly understandable that most startups are building for a world they can see, a world they are in. 

But we want to look a little further. Beyond.

As we enter the third wave of the internet, there is no single industry, nation, or technology that encapsulates what a new world might look like. 

A major paradigm shift will likely happen by the beginning of the next decade wherein internet = everything, businesses operate global-first and there is much greater access and opportunity afforded to our 8.5 billion people.

When we have long stopped talking about Millenials, and even GenZ is no longer relevant, there will be a new generation, in a new world. 

Beyond is a venture studio exploring that new world.  

While everyone else is building scooter startups, vegan smoothie companies, marketing automation software or crypto coins, we are looking toward the platforms of the next decade. The one after this one, in which the decentralised generation will live. 

A time when platforms become ecosystems, where value capture can be obtained by all participants. Where work becomes fragmented, and the concept of a job, distorted. Where lives are ultra-convenient, yet social pressures proliferate. Where greater privacy is returned in some domains, but in others, lost. Where humans live longer, but societies are less dependable. 

We are here to build those ecosystems and empower others to build them too.

We are Beyond.

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